Toronto Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is just one of the many tantric disciplines which include among others: tantric yoga, tantric meditation, tantric breathing, and tantric sex.

Tantric Massage in Toronto is a comparatively new development but has been growing in popularity in recent years. However, finding a Toronto Tantric Massage therapist can be difficult as there are still very few practising in Toronto and the GTA.

Toronto Tantric Massage

In addition, it is difficult to define tantric massage. As there are no set standards, each tantric massage therapist may perform tantric massage in a different way. Moreover, you cannot always be sure what is meant by the term tantric massage. Often it is used as a euphemism for sensual massage, erotic massage, or sexual massage.

One of the principal purposes of tantric massage is to rouse the Kundalini from dormancy. The Kundalini is a potent healing force that is often lying dormant at the base of the spine. It often takes years of dedication to the various tantric arts including tantric massage to completely release this powerful healing energy.

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